The idea behind the project

Development of intelligent power devices able to work in hostile environment, or in the presence of intense ionizing radiation and/or magnetic field. In particular, we have identified two direct applications with good market potential:
1) Power supply for dedicated PET systems capable of operating in intense magnetic field. Right now, dedicated PET systems that can be used in MRI systems are under development. These systems, once available to health facilities, will allow simultaneous PET-MRI diagnosis, a powerful tool for the diagnosis of various diseases. Compact size power supplies with the ability to operate immersed in the magnetic fields around 1-2 T are required and currently no power supply available on the market is capable of operating at these levels of field;
2) Power supply for the detectors of the LHC experiments at CERN, in particular ATLAS and CMS experiments. CAEN has already developed power supplies that allow the operation of the present detectors. In the next decade, at the beginning of HL-LHC operation, it will be necessary to use a different power scheme for which the technology is not yet available. The new scheme will be based on two types of power supplies, where the first one must work within the detectors and near to the interaction point of the LHC beams (in the presence of ionizing radiation and strong magnetic fields), and the other one will be placed outside the detectors, in radioactive environment and with moderate magnetic field around 0.1 T.